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Masso Torrence Sets the Standard
For Retirement Plan Consulting

Leverage the Knowledge of an Experienced Professional

As a sponsor of a qualified retirement plan, you carry immense responsibility - from remaining aware of today’s changing regulatory environment to educating your plan participants, there’s a lot to manage.

With specialized knowledge and industry designations, we’ll work with you to ensure your plan delivers the investment options, services and overall value participants expect. Partnering with a knowledgeable plan consultant allows you more time and energy to focus on the rest of your business, secure in the knowledge that your firm’s retirement plan is in capable hands. 

What You’re Interested In:

Ease of Administration

Low Overall Cost

Assistance in Managing Fiduciary Responsibilities

Objective Investment Guidance

Employees That Are Well Prepared for Retirement

The Masso Torrence Process

How We Work With You

As a firm, we prioritize the need to help you manage risk, build a plan that delivers optimal investment options and services, and improve employee retirement readiness. 

How We’re Different

Managing a significant amount of plans means we’ve gained the experience and knowledge necessary to help you prioritize the objectives you have in mind.

Maximizing Your Fiduciary Protection

We provide comprehensive fiduciary support and plan governance to help ensure that you’ve fulfilled your fiduciary duties while helping to protect you and your company from unnecessary risk.

Putting Our Investment Expertise to Work for You

We follow a proven, documented process to select investment offerings and utilize a rigorous, ongoing monitoring process to ensure best of breed lineups. 

Designing a Plan to Help Maximize Satisfaction

We focus on designing a plan that can streamline your administrative responsibilities, maximize plan provisions and promote employee satisfaction.

Helping Employees Make Better Decisions

We provide advice and education to help your employees understand plan options, encourage participation, promote satisfaction and feel confident about the decisions they are making toward their retirement readiness.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Plan?

Set Up a Time to Review It With Us